What does a fulfilling and rewarding career look like for you?

The cornerstone of career development is self-awareness: getting clarity on your strengths, values, work preferences and motivations – and how to use them in your work.

Besides money and development opportunities, what do you want from a job? What matters to you? Rather than guessing or making assumptions, why not know?

Often we are not aware of our work preferences and styles, especially in the early career stages.  Career Navigator measures 175 factors to provide personal insights on these key elements for your job satisfaction.

The Career Development report gives a clearer insight into what important factors are needed when YOU are looking for a job or change in career:

  • Your preferred work environment – as part of a team or alone;  pressure for deadlines; repetitive tasks or need variety; structured work or comfortable with ambiguity, etc.
  • Your interpersonal skills – level of interaction with others; positivity; what stresses you and how you deal with it; direct or tactful communication, etc.
  • Your motivation – what are you motivated towards or away from; easily or challenging work; take the initiative or happy to be directed; need for regular feedback and recognition; is important that you do something worthwhile for others, society, animals or the planet?
  • Your decision making style – analysing facts or using intuition; willingness to assume decision making authority; collaborating with others or go it alone; careful or high risk taker, etc.
  • Your leadership style – do you want to lead others or not; how you plan and set goals; influencing others; empathy and warmth or cold and direct; openness to other viewpoints, etc.

Career Development – Example

Enjoyment is related to performance, which in turn is related to recognition, reward and job success. For a small investment and 30 minutes of your time these career planning reports will help you discover the keys to your job enjoyment and satisfaction.

career development

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