Gamification – using elements of game play to make people engage more with brands, products and company diktats – certainly seems to be thriving.

But is it more than just a gimmick?

When software company SAP wanted to recruit from a wider range of people, it worked with business consultancy The Chemistry Group to create a game combining social media with personality assessments.

Players log in to the game via their Facebook accounts and data on their Facebook “likes” is correlated with their game behaviour and data from other assessments to create a personality profile.

“The gaming tool gives a better experience for applicants by helping to show what it would be like to work for SAP so they can see if it’s right for them and, at the same time, allows us to see if this candidate is right for us,” says Matt Jeffrey, SAP’s vice president head of global sourcing and employment branding.

He says that in future the tool will allow SAP to tap into latent talent by engaging with people that might not have any immediately relevant experience.

“It will tell them where they could fit into SAP and invite them to apply for a job,” he says.

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