Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your success.

Understanding, and playing to, your greatest strengths creates an important reinforcing cycle :

  • by enjoying what you do you’re motivated to learn and gain more experience
  • which leads to gaining recognition and praise for your performance
  • for which you ultimately get rewarded for!

Developing your strengths is more productive than correcting weaknesses; it’s the most powerful means you have of moving your career forward.

Most people have a rough idea of what they are good at, however Career Navigator identifies between 5 and 7 of your greatest strengths and describes each in detail. Being able to clearly identify and articulate your strengths in relation to a job or career makes:

  • your CV stand out with a clear and concise personal statement, providing greater credibility and demonstrating self-awareness
  • job interviews more comfortable and less stressful, as you can give examples of previous achievements that utilised your strengths
  • exploring and matching suitable career options easier to evaluate

Greatest Strengths – Example

your greatest strengths

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