Harrison Assessments – Job Success Formulas

Companies often hire the wrong candidates or fail to hire the best candidates because they don’t have a systematic approach that measures ALL the qualifications and behavioural competencies needed to predict job success.

Although most employers desire predictability, few organisations have the time or expertise to create effective Job Success Formulas.

Harrison Assessments solves this costly problem by providing more than 6500 proven and pre-configured Job Success Formulas to help your organisation easily and accurately assess the eligibility and suitability factors that lead to job success.

Job Success Formula Eligibility

job success formulaThe eligibility component of each Job Success Formula evaluates how applicants compare to the ideal levels of education, experience, and skills based on your organisation’s specific needs.

Job Success Formula Suitability

The suitability component of each Job Success Formula evaluates how each applicant compares to a complete set of proven suitability or behavioural traits that are specific to the job function. These customisable factors include attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, and work preferences.

Weighting Options

The Job Success Formulas automatically generate interview weighting guidelines, as well as specific behavioural interview questions. These guide the interviewer to obtain important insight related to the key job success factors, as well as provide a consistent scoring method for each factor. Harrison’s system provides sophisticated, yet easy-to-use options for weighting, scoring and customising Job Success Formulas to reflect an organisation’s specific needs and core values.

Scoring Candidates

Harrison Assessment’s Job Success Formulas are developed from 24+ years of research and provide a comprehensive integrated hiring system. The final assessment score measures candidates eligibility, suitability, and interview scores against the IDEAL candidate for the position in your organisation.

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