Learning Management System

Scale your learning and development capability from a central, secure portal

Our Learning Management System allows you to significantly reduce the classroom, travel and printing costs of traditional methods. More importantly it offers your students the convenience of learning and taking assessments when and where they want to, and allows for content to be personalised.

All organisations can now afford a Learning Management System

Our secure cloud-based solutions are readily affordable to any sized organisations, professional bodies and education providers.

Running traditional class-based courses can be costly for delivering important messages and content. Today’s workforce also prefer to access and consume content when convenient to them. An effective eLearning strategy and platform that securely delivers content to desktop and mobile devices is now an essential service for HR.

An eLearning system can be used for updating compliance training with new industry legislation, and testing employees new knowledge. It is also an effective tool for delivering basic organisation or departmental induction material to new employees.

Updates to company policies and procedures are also a good use for eLearning system as quizzes can score employee’s answers and point to additional supporting materials. Being able to centralise the control and distribution of organisational learning content ensures employees can operate effectively.

Professional bodies who offer continuous professional development (CPD) to their members can also use our eLearning platform to keep members updated with news, events and new learning and development materials. Assessments are designed to test, score and grade each member’s progress, with certificates awarded upon successful completion.

Education providers can also use our Learning Management System to deliver learning materials and accreditations to their current students and staff, plus provide ongoing development support to their alumni and wider partner network.

eLearning Articles

Best practice for delivering mobile learning

Mobile learning via smart phones and tablets has increased significantly over the last few years. Incorporating it into an overall eLearning strategy needs some careful thought if it is to be effective. The shift towards mobile learning, or mLearning, is a result of...

The importance of course feedback in eLearning

Obtaining course feedback from students is part of good course design However a common mistake is trying to collect it all after the student completes the course.  Typically these 'end of course' surveys tend to be lengthy, rely on students recalling events from...

How to design an eLearning course

When designing an eLearning course you need to be clear about its aims and objectives; these will: help in defining the scope of the eLearning course keep your planning eLearning strategies on track define your eLearning assessment tell the learner exactly what to...

What is ‘blended learning’?

Blended learning builds on the advantages of traditional classroom methods by giving students personalised, online course content with the convenience of self-study. With blended learning class timings can be made more flexible while maintaining a personalised...

eLearning Platform: Key Features

Unlimited Courses

Create an unlimited number of courses and assessments.

Enrol an unlimited number of students.

Assign instructors to create, edit, and manage their own courses and students.


Multi-tier courses

Structured courses into modules and units which can be set as mandatory or optional.

Set prerequisites, if required, so students have to successfully complete specific courses or modules previously.



Blocking and Non-blocking

Require students to achieve a minimum pass mark before progressing and limit the number of re-takes allowed, if required.

Non-blocking assessments don’t have strict pass criteria and can still be scored towards a student’s final mark.

Multiple Question Types

Advanced quiz question types including: Multiple choice, Multiple response (dichotomous), True / false, Open ended / free text / essay and File upload and optional Timers.

Surveys to collect feedback or information from students without setting any scoring requirements.

Online help

Questions can have “hints” and “explanations” to aid the student.

Reward students with downloadable PDF completion certificates.

Schedule supporting content to be released by date or at specific periodic intervals.

Assignment Submissions

Moving assignment submissions online can save both student and instructor time and effort.

Questions can be setup which accept uploads, such as documents, images, video or audio files, as answers.

Easy To Use

A drag and drop interface and content management tools to create and manage learning and development assets, including assessments, quizzes, surveys and questions.

Full multi-media capabilities to create engaging learning and development assets with videos, images, diagrams, audio and text content.



Candidate management including: registration, enrolment, grade books and certificates

Restrict your course content to registered, enrolled, and logged in students.

Set your courses to automatically or manually enrol new students.

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