“Earn As You Learn” shows students how to offset tuition fees and the costs of living by working on their employability – giving a much needed boost for your life after graduation.

Many students are starting to take their employability development into their own hands by building skills and attitudes that will impress potential employers which can be immediately used in the workplace.

The skills they are learning can be used to start up their own businesses during or after university (a route which is only increasing in popularity) but they can also use them to generate their own income during their studies – something most student need.

Earn As You Learn examples

There are a lot of jobs that students can do to help them earn some cash on the side.

  • The usual ones are along the lines of bar tending and work in retail. These jobs are not for everyone though, and sometimes they can be hard to find – especially in a student town.
  • There’s loads of other stuff you can do to earn as you learn however, and it’s not hard or costly to set up. In fact, most of these things can be done from the comfort of your home.
  • A lot of the time you can start these things out as a student and by the time you graduate you are actually making a good living from it as well as increase your employability skills. It doesn’t hurt to give it a go.


It’s a very easy thing to get into. All you need is a passion or a skill (things such as writing or website design) and a website to sign up to. Once you’ve signed up, you spruce up your profile and apply for work, set up job advertisements online, and wait for people to get back to you.

  • There are actually quite a few popular freelancing websites in the UK, one of which is People Per Hour. You don’t need to pay for a subscription, and there are no hidden costs. The only charge is that when you are paid for your work they take a small percentage.
  • The website Upwork (formerly ELance) is much the same, although it only uses dollars instead of being multi-currency (which People Per Hour is) so do be careful about the conversion rates!
  • Freelancing can provide you with a great source of income. It can be slow at first, but that’s natural so don’t let it dishearten you. When you start getting a good number of clients in it can be a lot of fun and give you a great confidence boost.
  • Freelancing will help you to develop skills that you are good at, which in turn increases and improves your employability – all of which leads to improved career development for your future.

Creating and Selling

Work on sites like Esty and Fiverr can do a world of good for your employability and your experience. It is effectively starting up your own small business which shows dedication and passion for your work. So while you’re making some extra cash for the necessities and saving up to pay off tuition fees, you are also boosting your chances of work outside of university.

If you have a knack for sewing, knitting, clay work, or just general craft, then you should be looking into sites like Etsy.

  • It’s really simple to set up your own shop, and you can sell all of your home made wares there to customers around the world.
  • A lot of people find great success on sites like Etsy with their creations, and there is no reason why you can’t too.

Fiverr is another website that works in a similar manner.

  • For £5 or less you offer to make people something and send it off to them.
  • This can actually work really well if you have small items that are very inexpensive to make. People also offer digital freelancing work on here too.


Whether it’s helping out course-mates or even students who are still in school/college, tutoring can be an excellent source of extra income.

You don’t need to have finished your degree to qualify as a tutor on these websites, and you don’t need any kind of DBS / CRB check. Of course, these things can help but they are not essential.

  • You can do it online through reliable websites such as Tutor Hunt and Select My Tutor.
  • You can tutor through platforms such as Skype, and you don’t even need to have students pay through the websites (which saves the fees) as they purchase your contact details if they are interested.
  • Showing that you have been able to teach others reflects positively on you as a person. It demonstrates patience, understanding, and a willingness to work with others.
  • This is a great experience to have for your employability, and especially if you want to go into a career that involves teaching at some level.


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