Erasmus 2013-14 figures

Spain, Germany and France are still the most popular destinations for Erasmus students to study or train abroad, according to data from the European Commission.

According to the report Erasmus: Facts, Figures and Trends:

  • Spain received the most Erasmus students (39,277) in 2013-14, followed by Germany (30,964), France (29,621), the UK (27,401) and Italy (20,204).
  • These countries also sent the most students abroad, led again by Spain (37,235).
  • The UK received almost twice as many students as it sent (15,610).
  • The UK universities which send the most students via the Erasmus programme are Nottingham, Leeds, Exeter, Sheffield and Manchester.
  • The institutions receiving the most Erasmus students are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Cardiff and Leeds.
  • France is top when only the number of students doing work placements is considered, while the top destination for students on work placements is the UK.

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