What if you could get your first graduate job playing a game on your mobile phone?

On UK campuses, students looking for their first graduate job are connecting with employers through a new app that uses custom games to help employers identify top talent.

Debut – which describes itself as a careers app for students – has signed up more than 40 blue-chip employers including L’Oréal UK, Microsoft and Ernst & Young.

The companies offer careers events and interview invitations directly to students on the app, but the most coveted “prizes” are internships and fast-tracked job applications, which are reserved for outstanding candidates.

Debut delivers news of graduate positions from employers, who use challenges in the careers app to make approaches to talented individuals looking for their first graduate job.

Alex Bennett, the graduate talent manager at L’Oréal UK, looks for a sense of adventure in candidates, a quality well demonstrated by students who excel at L’Oréal’s game ‘The Seeker” – a free-running game in which players navigate a maze to explore the company’s brand.

She says: “At L’Oréal we value passion, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. These are all ideals that are embedded in L’Oréal’s genetic code, and those that demonstrate them are likely to succeed in the business.

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