UK graduate job market 2016  – here are four key predictions and tips on maximising your chances in the current jobs market; and if you’re a current finalist, luckily it’s not the jobs market you saw when you started university.

Broadly positive employment outlook

  • Employment intentions are still up, but the rate of increase is slowing.
  • There will be more graduate-level jobs in the UK than ever before.


An uncertain EU referendum


  • Business confidence is likely to be affected if a Brexit happens, and that means a weakening of the economy and fewer job vacancies.
  • A portion of the political skirmishing is likely to feature more rhetoric, and possible action, on immigration, which will exacerbate skills shortages.


Skills shortages and recruitment difficulties


  • Widespread graduate shortages across a range of key sectors, such as engineering, building and construction, teaching, health, IT, business services and in niches throughout the economy.
  • This will be a good time to graduate as an engineer, but even if you are not, there are areas of the economy that are short of graduates.


The urbanisation of graduate work


  • Graduate employment is concentrated in cities, and that shows no sign of changing soon.
  • London is obviously the big draw, but only 21% of graduates start their career in the capital with the cost of living and quality of housing a big turn off for many.



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