Accurately assessing job behaviour using only an interview process is nearly impossible

In the past, interviews have been used as the primary means of assessing job behaviour, attitude and motivation; however assessment research shows that interviewing alone has only a moderate ability to predict job success.

Hiring someone based on their qualifications alone usually results in under, or poor performance as key behavioural issues have not been assessed. Similarly, old-style personality tests are too general, usually measuring only 5-10 personality factors, which attempt to predict behaviour across all job types.

Assessing people for jobs is the most important task of any manager and without a quality assessment they cannot accurately predict how a person will perform, nor how they will fit into the team and wider organisation.

Beyond the obvious costs of management time, advertising, recruitment fees and wasted training; poor recruitment can hurt the morale and productivity of existing team members. This can cause them to question their manager’s ability, and often the hiring manager’s own confidence in their recruitment abilities if they cannot train or motivate a bad hire.

Using Harrison Assessment makes benchmarking job success simple. It is designed to measure all the factors related to a specific job and provides significant insights to make screening and interviewing far more effective with a tailored set of behavioural questions for the interviewee and the specific job. It goes a step further by providing managers with effective tools for encouraging and enlisting top performance as well as providing guidelines for developing specific job success behaviours.

Why use a quality assessment service?

Good assessment reduces training costs, minimises losses due to poor hiring decisions, increases employee retention and provides a foundation for better teamwork. Effective assessment also makes employee development much more efficient and effective by enabling employees to clearly understand their performance in relationship to the job requirements.

This can be a great boost to employee motivation. It can also provide managers with a means of pinpointing the development areas that will provide the greatest impact on performance.

Personality tests are a grey area of the law because the general factors are not job specific and their related questions often invite legal challenges. Many recent lawsuits related to personality tests resulted in large settlements. Since the Harrison Suitability Assessment is entirely focused on job requirements and the questions are entirely work related, it meets employment laws and prevents lawsuits.


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